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Diamond Trading

SDI Trading Network connects thousands of the best diamond suppliers and buyers around the world.

Professional Trading Community where members deal directly with each other.

SDI Trading

Our standards are beyond industry basics

Considerable experience has been accumulated in the evaluation, development and selection process for collecting ideal diamonds to bring to market.

Strategic Services

Strategic planning and investments

SDI Trading Services is licensed to trade and provide strategic, technical and logistic support worldwide. The SDI facilities integrates the trading of diamonds, precious gems, gold and other precious metals, cutting, refining, manufacturing and support services such as finance management, logistics and insurance.

Diamond Trading

Our reputation of quality trading is second to none

SDI Trading offices are staffed with experts in South Africa, New York, Antwerp, Dubai, and Hong Kong that wish to buy or sell diamonds and jewelry.

International Services

Respected servicing companies worldwide

SDI Trading Services is licensed to trade and provide strategic, technical and logistic support worldwide. Agencies supply supporting official documentations to establish and provide us with the appropriate forms and safe-keeping documents.

Available Now

Contact us for rough & polished goods

The Yellow Star
with 80 – 1cts Diamond Necklace
81.56 ct GIA Certified
FANCY Intense Yellow VS1
Square Modified Brilliant
Good Polish
Even Distribution
Good Symmetry
None Flourescence
€ 18.5 Million (Euros) Valuation Certification
and is available at a ‘must have’ price.
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Logistics Services

Secure courier delivery service of all products

The logistics services of D&D, Brinks and various couriers will meet and extend their global network of offices to continue their dominant marketshare of the world’s valuables transport business.

721 cts Rough Diamonds

721 cts Rough Diamonds

262 cts Rough Diamonds

262 cts Rough Diamonds

226 cts Rough Diamonds

226 cts Rough Diamonds

50.66 ct Light Pink

50.66 ct Light Pink

47.35 ct Rough

47.35 ct Rough Diamond


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Sylla Diamond is the most reputable company in the diamond industry"

John S.,
South African Businessman


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Diamond Trading
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